Configuration & Automation


Looking to save costs but still offer your customers a greater choice of products and maintain flexibility for product variations? With Symetri’s Automation and Configuration solutions you can save time and costs but still ensure customer satisfaction and product flexibility.

Configure-to-Price Quote and Sales Configuration solutions help you build order-specific product configurations and pricing, and expand the technical structure into 'sales language'. You will also be able to receive instant quotes, drawings and 3D design data for your customers’ own projects. Standardising the engineering process with product configuration can also streamline the engineering work done by the design department, freeing the engineers to focus on more valuable work while creating a more interesting work environment. 

Efficiency-Boosting Solutions Tailored for You:

Harness your internal knowledge with precision

Organise and streamline your quotes and orders for seamless operations

Significantly reduce engineering time with our optimised processes

Automate and configure repetitive tasks to enhance productivity

Realise remarkable results with up to an 80% increase in overall efficiency




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