Autodesk Certification

Become Certified on Autodesk’s Products

Symetri is one of Autodesk’s selected and authorised training partners, which means that we can offer courses within Autodesk’s certification programme. Autodesk certification is excellent proof of your competence and knowledge and can help your professional development, and improve your productivity and credibility in your industry.

For those who are experienced in Autodesk products and wish to receive an Autodesk certification we also provide pre-training and examinations for the Certified Program.

With  Autodesk Certification becoming increasingly important to validate skills and ensuring best practice in the use of Autodesk software, achievement of this certification provides a powerful advantage to those seeking to progress in this area.


Autodesk Certified Associate (ACA)

This is an excellent way for candidates with about 150 hours of real-world Autodesk software experience to validate their software skills. Strong design software skills are a great asset in both the academic and professional arenas. Teaching candidates to use state-of-the-art Autodesk design software such as AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Maya, 3DS Max and Fusion 360.

Autodesk Certified Professional (ACP)

Developed for candidates who have advanced skills and can solve complex challenges in workflow and design. The professional certification highlights a comprehensive skill set and helps candidates stand out in a competitive job market. The logical credential for advanced and professional Autodesk software users who possess at least 400 hours of real-world Autodesk software experience.

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