Design Automation

Transform Your Engineering Workflow with Automation

Overcoming Project Deadline Challenges with Streamlined Processes

Engineers often dedicate more than half their time to repetitive manual tasks, that add little value to the products they design. Streamlining and automating engineering processes can free up time for more impactful work. Instead of struggling to complete projects or hiring additional engineers, why not start automating your engineering processes? 


At Symetri, we aid in automating your engineering through product configurators. Our technology supports Configure-to-Order and Engineer-to-Order processes, crafting project-specific parametric models and drawings. Design Automation progresses from basic tasks to creating fully parametric models, created according to recipes transferred from a sales configurator or your company’s own calculation program.



Capturing engineers’ knowledge and saving it as one single source of information

Standardising drawing and model creation, including materials to be sent to your customers

Eliminating repetitive tasks and at the same time making the daily work more interesting

The user interface can be configured according to your company’s needs

Automation of drawing creation, BoM export and secondary file format creation

Enabling engineering changes to project-specific parts and assemblies (ETO process)

Implementing different automation components in steps

Set-up of fully automatic design and drawing configurators running according to a recipe from a sales configurator

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