Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

Symetri can support your business with CAD/CAM software solutions for every aspect of the manufacturing process.

Unlock Efficiency with Autodesk Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

Discover the potential of Autodesk's advanced manufacturing software, designed to amplify your global impact. Standardise your operations with our cutting-edge tools to address urgent manufacturing needs, enabling agile operations that effortlessly adapt to industry changes.

Autodesk's comprehensive tools cover a spectrum of capabilities:

  • High-Speed and 5-Axis Machining: Optimise manufacturing processes with advanced CAM capabilities.
  • 3D CAD/CAM/CAE: Seamlessly integrate design, manufacturing, and engineering for a holistic approach.
  • Additive Manufacturing: Stay innovative with tools supporting additive manufacturing technologies.
  • CAM Automation: Boost efficiency with automated Computer-Aided Manufacturing processes.
  • Plastic Mold Simulation: Ensure precision and reliability in plastic molding through sophisticated simulation.
  • Inspection: Maintain quality standards with robust inspection tools.

Benefits of Advanced Manufacturing

Increase levels of quality with accurate data measurement

Decrease human error and production time through digitisation

Boost productivity with workflows that seamlessly integrate manufacturing processes.

Innovate using cutting-edge software to enhance engineering and production design

Develop a wider product range by minimising work in progress

Reduce waste with technology-driven prototypes

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