IT Services

Services to help you identify the present and future IT needs of your business.

Helping you identify the present and future IT needs of your business

We provide IT services focused on the key priorities any architecture, engineering, construction, and product design business has. Our consultants can help you identify your present and future IT needs, guide you in building a strategic roadmap to drive greater operational efficiencies, and present vendor-agnostic hardware and systems recommendations. Our services include:


Once you know what your business needs are, we’ll help you install, implement, migrate and manage your new IT investment including helping your users adopt the new technology. We can also build bespoke systems if required.


Cyber Essentials

We are a certified body of the Cyber Essentials scheme meaning we are able to verify and assess your cyber security systems to ensure that they meet the requirements, and suggest key controls that can prevent a large majority of cyber hacks and attacks.


IT Audit

Our audit provides a detailed report of your IT estate with guidance on strengths and weaknesses, and ensures you’re prepared and agile to respond to future challenges and opportunities.



Licence Management

We can take the administration complexities out of your business by helping you keep track of your software licences and ensuring you have the right quantity for the future.


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