License Management

Take control of your current licences and assets

In the current streamlined business landscape, mobility and resource optimisation are paramount. Symetri's expertise in engineering licence management offers you a comprehensive solution to ensure a seamless overview of your licences, access to software utilisation rates, and a fair internal billing process.

Empower operations with CQ Flexmon, a powerful tool that navigates the complexities of license management effortlessly. CQ Flexmon transforms the process into a streamlined and efficient experience. It provides future planning insights, usage tracking, fair cost allocation, snapshot reports, borrowed license monitoring, and simplified user administration through Active Directory integration.

Effortlessly navigate the complexities of licence management

Cost and Needs Estimation

Plan for the future with accurate cost and needs estimation for your upcoming investments.

Usage Statistics:

Track the number of hours a user or department has utilised a specific type of licence, empowering informed decision-making.

Integrated Debit Module:

Allocate licence costs fairly with an integrated debit module, ensuring transparency in your billing processes.

Summary Reports:

Access comprehensive summaries for any chosen period, giving you a quick snapshot of your licence usage.

Borrowed Licences Tracker:

Monitor all borrowed licences efficiently, ensuring optimal resource utilisation.

Active Directory Integration:

Simplify user administration by retrieving information directly from the Active Directory database.

Verify True Utilisation

Gain insights into the actual usage of your company’s software licences, ensuring optimal utilisation.

Software Tailoring:

Identify the products specifically installed for workstations, tailoring your digital workspace.

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