Sales Automation

Automate your data flow from sales to production

Providing Customers with Greater Choice at Reduced Costs

In today's competitive landscape, market dynamics and customer expectations compel companies to prioritise cost reduction, margin enhancement, and heightened productivity. One approach is to streamline your designs for a clearer and more diverse product selection. You may also want to manage your own product options and visualise the offering.

Receive instant quotes, drawings and 3D design data

Symetri’s Sales Configuration and Configure-to-Price Quote solutions provide support for building order-specific product configurations and pricing and expanding the technical structure into ‘sales language’. It also allows you to receive instant quotes, drawings and 3D design data to provide to your customers’ own projects. Symetri's sales configurator not only gives your company a competitive edge in the sales-to-production process but also adapts to customer needs, incentivising engagement from self-educated customers.



Propel your company’s revenue growth and enhance profitability

Simplify the selling of complex products with a seamless configuration setup

Streamlines your sales process for increased effectiveness

Elevate your hit rate, ensuring better success in sales

Cut down lead times, optimising project timelines

Automate your quote-to-production processes, saving time and resources

Minimise the risk of human error for enhanced accuracy

Boost efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction levels

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