InfoWorks ICM

InfoWorks ICM

Plan and manage flood control, storm water and sewer systems

What is InfoWorks ICM? 

InfoWorks ICM is a cutting-edge catchment modeling software designed for rapid, precise, and collaborative hydraulic and hydrologic network element modeling for water and wastewater systems.


What is InfoWorks ICM?

It is designed to help engineers and other professionals quickly and accurately model catchments and water-related processes, such as flooding, drainage, and water quality. Its advanced features allow for collaborative and efficient modelling, making it a popular choice for many organisations.

Benefits of InfoWorks ICM

Single Quality Platform

Solutions are purpose-built to comprehensively address water-related issues

Reliable and Fast

Reduce project downtime caused by time-consuming simulations

Connect Teams

Experience a truly collaborative approach in the technical workspace.

Protects People & Environment

Keep up-to-date about forecast network response to allow flood prevention.

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