360 Sync

360 Sync

Common Data Environment (CDE) migration/synchronisation tool

360 Sync | Applied Software

360 Sync is a document management system designed by and for the AEC industry. It automatically syncs all your projects, folders and files between Autodesk's BIM 360 and your computer or server, and every other platform you use.

Explore the possibilities with 360 Sync

Benefits of 360 Sync

Organise project files quickly

Quickly sync files for active and upcoming projects for each project file and destination.

Scheduled syncs

Sync scheduling allows you to set the date and time to update files. Any updated file in the folder source will be remotely updated in each destination chosen.

Sync status made simple

Quickly view the status of your previous sync as well as information about every file and folder that was synced.

Easily connect to your platforms and apps

With just one initial login to your other applications, 360 Sync will remember that connection to ensure smooth data transfer no matter where you are, or if your computer is off.

Affordable and money-saving

Companies using 360 Sync report saving at least 1 hour a day per project on file management, with some companies saving between 40-60 hours in the early stages of each project.

Say goodbye to file management woes

360 Sync automatically transfers, organises and archives project files across applications.

Simple, smart, powerful

360 Sync allows your entire team to share constantly updated information from multiple platforms and applications. Available through an affordable, unlimited access licence, 360 Sync takes less than 30 minutes to set up and then works behind-the-scenes, so you never have to think about file management again.

Integrate across multiple platforms

360 Sync allows you to sync your project files to and from Autodesk applications such as BIM 360, Vault, PlanGrid, your server, and every other platform you use including Asite, Sharepoint, Panzura and more.

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