Symetri announces new partnership with Oculo in Ireland – Enhancing Construction Project Visibility with advanced AI Technology

Symetri Europe’s leading provider of software and services for construction, design and engineering activities, today announced that they are expanding their partnership with Oculo into the Irish market. 


This expansion builds on the current successful partnership in the UK and Nordic markets in recent years. Oculo uses artificial intelligence to provide a point of access for construction projects and on-site progress.

The partnership enables Symetri to enhance project visibility for customers, facilitating improved issue management, effortless BIM model comparison to footage and expedited decision-making. Additionally, it furnishes a visual as-built record, which can be referenced or compared across construction stages and seamlessly transferred to building owners.

Oculo does this by transforming the footage it gets from simple-to-use hard-hat cameras into an up-to-date 360° “streetview” of the construction site that can be viewed and navigated online. This allows the user to pick any point on the floor plan and clearly see, within a few clicks, what the site currently looks like. Doing this repeatedly over the course of the project then gives the ability to look back in time to see what work had been completed at a specific date, or to see what lies behind walls and areas subsequently closed up.

"Symetri Ireland are excited to partner with Oculo as we see this solution as another advance in Tech within the Irish sector. Oculo will assist organisations to increase efficiencies by reducing the need for physical site visits, saving both time and money, as well as reducing their carbon footprint. Alongside this, we also see huge opportunities to improve HSQE as Oculo makes it easy to track and audit work, meaning that main contractors and end users can visually demonstrate site conditions before elements are closed off such as MEP, Civil, Fire, Cladding etc to whatever projects dictate.” says Sean O Dwyer, AEC Division Manager - Symetri Ireland.

Oculo also integrates with Autodesk Construction Cloud, which allows the Oculo footage & data to be seamlessly embedded into the existing issue management and snagging workflows that teams are already familiar with. This gives a much richer, 360° view of the item or area in question than ordinary photos can provide, making it quicker and easier to spot errors or triage problems.

“Oculo is immensely pleased to be working with Symetri. We started out with an ambition to bring advanced digital technologies to construction and this partnership is not only a recognition that our solution is adding huge value, but also a fantastic opportunity to get it in front of a broader range of construction experts and support their transition to digital ways of working.” adds Tom Kotecki, Oculo Co-Founder & CEO.

About Oculo

Oculo leverages the power of advanced computer vision and machine learning to create a virtual copy of any construction site that is regularly updated and can be accessed online from anywhere in the world. This removes the need for teams and stakeholders to be onsite to make a decision or get things done. It also transforms workflows and effortlessly creates comprehensive, visual as-built documentation. The outcome of which is increased productivity at the site level, a way of easily comparing as-built vs design, a powerful tool to defend against claims and a visual history of the project, which will pay dividends throughout the lifetime of the asset. For further information, visit us at

About Symetri

Symetri creates and provides technology solutions and services for design, engineering, construction, and manufacturing businesses. We empower people to work smarter for a better future by ensuring they have access to the expertise and technology they need to improve their performance and sustainability.

Symetri was founded in Sweden in 1989 and has grown to a team of over 1000 people with offices throughout Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the UK, Ireland and the US. Symetri is an Autodesk Platinum Partner, Autodesk Authorised Training Centre (ATC) and Autodesk Global Service Provider. Symetri is part of Addnode Group AB, whose B shares are listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm. Addnode Group offers business-critical IT solutions to selected markets in both the private and public sectors. For more information, visit:


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14 March 2024

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