On-site Construction progress tracking solution


Oculo is a digital Construction solution which combines hard-hat cameras, BIM models/floorplans & artificial intelligence to remotely view, share & track on-site progress.

It uses 360 hard-hat cameras, state-of-the-art computer vision and artificial intelligence to provide a single source of truth for on-site progress - essentially a “streetview” of your construction project, which means you can carry out inspections, spot issues and make decisions faster, even when miles away from site.

Benefits of Oculo

Improve Collaboration

Review your site virtually from anywhere, at anytime. Collaborate remotely to diagnose issues in real-time and use virtual notes to flag areas for on-site attention.

Deliver On-time

Reduce time spent on documentation & reporting, spot issues before they cause delays and accelerate decision-making with virtual site-meetings.

Reduce Costs & Risks

Complete virtual valuations, access photo evidence & 360 context in case of disputes and save travel time & costs through remote site views.

Reconstruct your site in 3D & automatically map photo capture to floorplans

Oculo's state-of-the-art artificial intelligence creates a precise reconstruction of your Construction site in 3D and automatically updates the floorplans, based on what is captured on the 360 hard hat camera.

Capture daily photographic evidence and compare project progress over time

By wearing Oculo's 360 hard hat camera's on-site, project stakeholders are able to keep track of project progress and make informed decisions.

Virtually capture tasks and RFIs

Oculo makes it easy for all those involved in a Construction project to collaborate remotely.

Explore the possibilities with Oculo

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