Live Webinar

Transforming Construction Project Management with Oculo

Photo documentation at every stage of a construction project is crucial to avoid disputes, delays and rework. However, many construction companies spend countless hours manually creating and organising this documentation.

Oculo combines 360 cameras and artificial intelligence to enable you to map comprehensive photo documentation back to your models and floorplans. This allows all project stakeholders to view the most recent conditions on site, compare the as-built reality to the models, and collaborate on it remotely. This revolutionary tool will cut down your labour hours and bring more transparency and efficiency to your construction projects.

Join us on July 3rd at 11 a.m. as we explore Oculo's partnership with Symetri. We will delve into how this collaboration tool is reshaping traditional approaches to construction project management by harnessing the power of technology and intelligent design.




Date: Wednesday 3rd July 2024
Time: 11.00 am - 12.00 pm 


  • Introduction to Oculo and Symetri Partnership  
  • Introduction to Oculo and how it solves challenges faced in traditional construction project management
    • Need for Efficient Progress Documentation
    • Time-consuming nature of capturing progress photos manually.
    • The challenge of having all stakeholders on-site for every project phase
    • What makes Oculo Unique
  • DEMO - Walkthrough of Oculo
    • Show integration capabilities with Autodesk Cloud
  • Use Cases and Benefits
    • Share testimonials or case studies demonstrating the benefits
  • Q&A

Michael Moran 

Michael Moran

Business Development Manager - Oculo 



Sean O'Dwyer 

AEC Division Manager - Symetri