Augmented Reality

Stay ahead with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the future

Augmented Reality (AR) is the new black. There are so many ways to use AR, and most companies will have a full AR agenda with working products within a year or two. Symetri can help you get started producing proofs of concepts, rolling out the first steps in replacing manuals and training on screens and paper with virtual guidance. This secures that the documentation is always up to date and connected to the products with our IoT solutions. Service and predictive maintenance will be much faster and save a lot of time and effort once the AR ecosystem is active.

Benefits of using Augmented Reality

Provides a different product experience.

Allows visual previews of the product.

Builds real-time data experiences.

Enhances customer as well as brand experiences.

Being on the frontline of Augmented Reality

Symetri has conducted several tests and projects using the latest hardware to evaluate this technology together with customers, and the outcome has been impressive. With our history in visualisation, we are a good partner to guide you into this area. Thanks to our partnership with Unity, we can use the latest software and be at the forefront of Augmented Reality

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