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ValidationHub enables BIM 360 users to create strict quality standards for all files uploaded to their projects. Using either the pre-built industry standards such as ISO 19650 or custom naming systems, compliance validation can now be built into your BIM 360 workflows with ValidationHub.

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Key Features of validationhub

Create naming schemas

Check file names against international standards or create your own naming standards.

Choose which content to monitor

Run a validation check on an entire BIM 360 project or a specific folder. Choose to validate against files, folders or Revit extractions from Plans.

Export data and notify

Easily notify uploaders of failures so they can amend errors and export data to formats like CSV and JSON for further analysis in tools like Power BI and Tableau.

Automate checks across entire hubs

Automate document management across an entire BIM 360 account, allowing document controllers more time to work on more challenging problems.

Validate file names with powerful schemas

ValidationHub offers popular international BIM standards such as ISO19650 or BS1192. Define your own custom naming standards using the powerful online visual rule builder.

Automate quality assurance on your BIM 360 projects

Run validation on your entire project on your defined schedule. Validation results can be exported to both CSV and JSON formats and included in automatically emailed reports, reducing the workload for team members.

Manage and monitor quality assurance processes

Tailor naming standards for different regions by assigning relevant regional requirements to each of your BIM 360 projects. This allows granular control of validation efforts across you entire BIM 360 account. BIM360 admins can see and collaborate on the organisation’s rules and scheduled checks, making sure you don’t miss anything.

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