Digitise and automate your operations

What is Prodsmart?

Prodsmart is production management and production floor tracking software.

  • Schedule and manage teams, machines and materials.

  • Get real-time production visibility powered by devices on the shop floor. Track and analyse your entire production flow.

  • Track maintenance operations and easily plan future actions with fully integrated maintenance management.

Why use Prodsmart?

  • Reduce waste and costs - Gain insight into production and identify previously unseen costs
  • Shorten lead times - Adjust schedules on the fly to quickly adapt to production changes
  • Minimise shop maintenance - Powerful insights help you anticipate maintenance and minimise production downtime

Real-time dashboards

Easily organise moving parts with real-time data for connected manufacturing.

Scheduling and inventory management

Effectively conduct MRP (material requirements planning) schedule and inventory management.

Visual workflows

Seamlessly track performance and stay organised with intuitive workflow view.

Machine and quality management

Get ahead of the curve and minimise shop floor downtime with fully integrated maintenance management.


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