Modular Automation

Modular Automation enables the world’s leading MedTech companies manufacture sophisticated, ultra-high quality, life-changing products, at scale. Leveraging the power of automation to fuel innovation, productivity, efficiencies, and progress.

Modular Automation joined forces with Procad (now Symetri) because of their expertise in implementing modern and efficient workflows around design and data management.

Data – the centre of everything…

Before introducing Autodesk Vault Modular Automation relied heavily on managing their files on windows explorer and reserving files to engineers using Autodesk Inventor. This had it limitations as many of the design team need to work on different elements of the design concurrently. The collaboration within the team was essential at the concept and design phase of any project.

In 2009 Modular Automation implemented Autodesk Vault. Why? – Autodesk Vault allows the Modular Automation team of Engineers to have a secure centralised location for file control, management of design data and access to data. This also allows multiple team members to work on a project concurrently with the same design data ensuring that no individual overwrites each other’s work.

As Modular Automation have a big design team with over 40 plus engineers utilising both Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Vault which integrates not only with design but with manufacturing and purchasing, one of the big challenges is often times there is a requirement to migrate both Vault and design cad tool to a newer release without impacting the design office, production, purchasing and quality.

Each time a migration is needed for a newer release the Procad (now Symetri) team headed up by Technical Manager Ray O’Mahony outline an extensive plan with Modular Automation to ensure a flawless migration.

A good coordinated plan is key in implementing and migrating the data and minimise disruption to the business. The main objective each time is that the team at Modular Automation have no down time and that their work wasn’t affected throughout the migration. Gerard Kennedy, Modular says “the only way the team know that there is a migration in operation is because they receive an email to inform them – that’s how seamless each migration is.” Ray O’Mahony states; “Procad (now Symetri) encourages a solid working relationship with mutual trust and support to our customers to ensure project success and one of Modular Automation’s standing request is that there is no impact to the design and production departments, so each time Procad (now Symetri) devise a solid action plan to deliver the desired results.”

Modular Automation – leading the industry…

Gerard Kennedy, Modular Automation outlined “we have now migrated to the latest release of software and this includes additional Autodesk technology that enables us to connect people, processes and data. The manufacturing team now have much more autonomy of the design and can access the model and investigate BOM details etc without having to contact the design team.”
Ray O’Mahony reflects, “after such a big project, after care and sales support was critical to this process. It is key that we are connected to our customers ensure they are aware of the latest Autodesk technology and industry trends to ensure a return in investment from their Autodesk portfolio of products. Modular Automation are the leading consultancy and design house in their industry. Not only do Modular Automation provide services from the concept, then to design and through to build and manufacture they bring their designs to life using both virtual and augmented reality environments. This gives the customer the opportunity to visualise the product and tailor the design to suit their needs and specifications using cutting edge VR and AR to bring their Inventor models to life. This function allows prospects the capability to visualise and verify their designs ahead of manufacture and cements Modular Automation as the leader of their industry.

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