I have noticed this issue occur on various different Revit Projects, the issue is with the Section Views disappearing from the project. Many searches online tell you to make sure the View Range is set to the correct depths or that the section views are turned on in the visibility graphics which can be the case in some instances but what they don’t mention is that the section view details are also controlled by the scales at which you are drawing the project on.

When working on a project the scale can change many times and in a Revit project but what can be deceiving is that if you change the Scale the structure of the Architectural building will not actually change but the smaller details such as the Section Views or the elevation tags will adjust when the Scale changes. 

For example a Section View drawn at a Scale of 1:1 with the existing building drawn at the same scale.

Then if you change the scale to 1:50. Elevation tags will appear and the existing building does not change. The Section View will now be gone from the work area.

Please note that the Scale of a project does not directly affect the view of  the existing building but it does affect the details such as the annotations and project details such as the Section Views and elevation tags.


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