Released: Update 1 for Inventor 2015

Released: Update 1 for Inventor 2015

In order to address multiple issues, Autodesk has released Update 1 for Inventor 2015. You can download the update by clicking on the following link: click here

A few issues addressed by this update include:

  • After shrinkwrap, the composite surface disappears and editing of the derived assembly causes a change of the composite to solid,
  • Cut normal fails on a contour flange with two adjacent bends,
  • Failure to create tangent constrain for Interpolation Spline,
  • FreeForm edit change not recognised as a model change,
  • Inventor HSM doesn’t support Redo cases.

Installation of the update:

This update is available in 32bit and 64bit versions (downloaded together as one bundle). For installation on Windows 8.1 OS, please read Technical Solution TS22238097, click here. Once installed, it will appear as an update under Add/Remove Programs and can be uninstalled from there.

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