New features in Autodesk Account

New features in Autodesk Account

Idea Forum

Share ideas for future product features directly with the Autodesk Account team and collaborate on existing suggestions with your peers using the Autodesk Account Idea Forum.

Manage Seat Count for Renewal

You can now change the number of seats included with your subscription. For more information, see Manage Seat Count for Subscription Renewal.

Sort Users by Role or Status

Administrators in the new view of user management can now sort their users by role or status – making it faster and easier to find who they’re looking for.

Autodesk Account Quick Start

We now have two Get Started guides, one for administrators and one for users, to help you get up and running quickly with Autodesk Account. Each guide contains a video overview and links to articles detailing key tasks described in the video.

Enhanced Subscription Management

Administrators purchasing products through the Autodesk Store now have greater flexibility in managing their subscriptions.

Simplified Billing and Orders

Administrators are now able to further organize and edit their payments with the new Billing & Orders page. Those who have purchased subscriptions through the Autodesk Store will see SubscriptionsUpcoming Payments and Order History. Those who have purchased products through an Autodesk partner will see their order details in Contracts. This new layout makes it easier to track your purchases.

  • Subscriptions is where you can manage upcoming payments and add seats on your auto-renewing subscriptions.
  • Upcoming Payments is where you can manage upcoming payments for your auto-renewing subscriptions. Taxes are not included.
  • Order History is where you can see your processed, processing, or expired purchases. Expired orders will stay for 30 days.
  • Contracts is where you can see details of your purchases made through an Autodesk partner.

Autodesk Account Billing and Orders page


Add Seats

Administrators who purchased products through the Autodesk Store can now instantly add seats to their subscriptions within Autodesk Account. In either Subscriptions or Upcoming Payments, you can add seats and assign users to those available seats right inside your Account, with only a few clicks.

Autodesk Accounts Add Seats


Align Payment Dates

Administrators are now able to further organize and edit their payments with the new Billing & Orders page. Those who have purchased subscriptions through the Autodesk Store will see Subscriptions, Upcoming Payments and Order History. Those who have purchased products through an Autodesk partner will see their order details in Contracts. This new layout allows for an easier way to track your product purchases.

When you align your payment dates, you pay a one-time prorated price that is based on the number of seats you are adding and the number of days left until your next renewal date. All of your subscriptions will then be set to renew on the later renewal date. Your Account will automatically set the new payment date to the latest renewal date for your convenience.

To learn more, see Align Payment Dates.

Autodesk Account Align Payment Dates


Set Download Preferences

Windows users and administrators can now set which default, download method to use in their Autodesk Account settings: Install Now, Download Now, or Browser Download. To set your default method, in the upper-right corner of the Profile tab, select the Preferences gear to access the setting. 


Product View for User Management

Administrators who manage their users in the Autodesk Account new view are now able to further customize their user management experience. With the ability to see different views of their users in Account, Product Tile View and Product List View, administrators can see the available seats and user assignments in a single space. Administrators also have more flexibility in managing users with the ability to assign seats by product. This allows better access to all your subscription has to offer, more control over user assignments, and better insight into what seats are available.



Notifications allow users to be immediately informed about expiring subscriptions, new features in Autodesk Account, and switched seats.

Autodesk Account Notification Screen


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