Fusion 360 Updates 2018

Fusion 360 Updates 2018

Fusion 360 continues to strive in shaping the future of making things, and if you’re not already on our bandwagon, we want you to join us. We see a future where your designs are at the center of your work, where automated processes make your design-to-make workflows buttery smooth, and where feature maturity and smarter services help you take your productivity to the next level.

From the 2017 Roadmap we can see there has been a significant number of updates applied across the board and 2018 promises to be the same. Here are some of the planned updates planned to enhance your Fusion 360 experience and complement your workflow.

Performance and Reliability

Many of the data management development teams are also focusing on improving how you access, manage, and organize your data so that the whole process is smooth as silk. We’re making updates to the back-end services so that Fusion Team, along with all its advantages such as team collaboration, organizing data, and permissions, are better integrated with Fusion 360 and its family of products. This means you’ll see usability improvements and functional enhancements to how you open, save, and organize your data while using Fusion 360.

Make Existing Experiences More Robust

Working with school and college computer lab admins, the team is improving how Fusion 360 is deployed and updated, so that students can work on their projects, in the lab as well as on their own machines without any hiccups. We find Fusion a brilliant solution to controlling data management for students, with the peace of mind that the student’s files are safe in the cloud rather than a USB which can easily be lost, great to see this as a priority for the Fusion Team.

The Fusion team also promised to continue to enhance current modeling tools, sketching, 2D Drawings, and CAM Workspace. Updates include a Thread and Hole feature, Engraving Fonts and Text Along with a Path, Moldflow And CFD implementation, and 5 Axis Enhancements.

Bridge workflows for smoother interoperability

The Fusion team has already made great steps on interconnectivity between different Cad platforms using the AnyCAD feature, an aim for this year is to continue to work on this functionality. One feature which I am very excited to see implemented is a Desktop Connector, which would allow the user to manage files in a method familiar to the current File Explorer on your PC.


Fusion 360’s UI is heading for a fresh new look. This project will introduce a more logical tabbed layout, better terminology, improved tool discoverability, and a cleaner visual treatment. This will also increase toolbar real-estate, giving you more room for the tools you use the most. As well as the long-awaited and implementation of Customized Keyboard Shortcuts, this will give Fusion a real personal touch and be sure to improve your workflow.

Watch this space for more Fusion 360 news…

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