Fusion 360 – Design Differently

Fusion 360 – Design Differently

Fusion 360 is Autodesk’s cloud-based integrated platform for design, simulation, and manufacturing. This software enables you to create world-class detailed designs.

Fusion 360 has everything you’ve been looking for:

  • sculpting tools to explore form
  • modeling tools to create finishing features
  • photorealistic renderings and animation
  • toolpaths to machine your components
  • 3D printing workflow to create a prototype

Fusion works in the cloud, and the beauty of this software, is that you can access your designs from anywhere on a PC, Mac, or mobile device.


Fusion and the world of Design:
Explore the world of freeform modeling, parametric modeling, solid modeling and even mesh modeling with Fusion.

Fusion and the world of Engineering and Simulation:

Work with data translation, assembly modeling, rendering, simulation and animations, where you wil be able to test fit and motion, while creating photorealistic renderings like no other.  Fusion gives you the ability to create Thermal study, which determines the steady-state temperature distribution and resultant heat flow. Fusion has Thermal Stress Analysis, as well, which simulates temperature-induced stresses.

Fusion and the world of CAM:

Work with 2-, 2.5-, and 3-axis machining and 3D Printing, where you can not only create toolpaths to machine your components but you can also use the 3D Printing workflow to create a prototype. CAM is a fully integrated cloud-based application for the Autodesk A360 environment.

Fusion and the world of Collaboration:
Learn how to share or publish data & designs, about version management and design variations. Fusion not only uses the power of the cloud but also resorts to local when it makes more sense to do so. 

Want to see more – why not join us live on Thurs, March 23rd, where our own Fusion expert Ray will take you through the ins and outs of what this amazing piece of software can really do. 

Want to know more – Click here 
Fusion 360 Webinar What can we say – its 3D CAD Reinvented!
Until the next time, Happy Fusioning!

~ Vanessa


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