Autodesk Inventor Update 2018 - Don't Miss Out!

Autodesk Inventor Update 2018 - Don't Miss Out!

Autodesk Inventor 2018 is packed with amazing new features and improvements that deliver better productivity, faster performance, and expanded interoperability.

From favourites like AnyCAD to powerful new additions like Model-Based Definition (MBD), you’ll find the capabilities, modern engineers like you demand.

The next step in professional-grade engineering is here

This year, Inventor is integrating MBD right into your workflow. You’ll find powerful geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) capabilities that help you incorporate manufacturing information directly into your 3D designs. Use that data in derived 2D drawings, 3D PDFs, or downstream manufacturing, and get products out the door faster. There’s no extra module to purchase—MBD comes with every Inventor subscription.

You wanted faster assemblies and Autodesk are delivering, with quicker rendering and component selection for faster performance. In addition, they’ve made significant improvements in drawings—with speedier view creation and better graphics performance on large models allowing to navigate assemblies faster.

The Inventor interface has been fine-tuned based on real-world user feedback. Searching and filtering are more robust. New tabs make navigation quicker. Information-rich interactive panels save you from digging. More drawing data on-screen means fewer clicks. And commands like measure have been refreshed to streamline workflows and provide you more data, more quickly.

Simplify your model for BIM – Delivering content for use in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry is a key business opportunity for many of our customers. With Inventor 2018, you can remove information and publish your 3D model directly to Revit format—simplifying your model, protecting your intellectual property, and reducing file size and complexity.

If you have Inventor through Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection, you also have access to Fusion 360—the perfect way to explore the next generation of product design and manufacturing. Working with Fusion 360 will help you move beyond the traditional categories of CAD, CAM, Simulation, and Data Management to a single collaborative platform that does it all. Best of all, as a subscriber, you already have it!

Above we have only listed a few of the many updates available to our subscribers but if you want more information on any of the features we outlined above or want to know how to access this update, contact our Technical Team below.

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