Autodesk Inventor 2016 - 387 NEW Additions and Improvements

Have you seen Autodesk Inventor 2016 – 387 New additions and Improvements?

Autodesk Inventor 2016 - 387 NEW Additions and Improvements


Check out some of our favourite new features

From interface enhancements to improved workflows to bulletproof compatibility, users like you had a lot of requests for the next version of Inventor. And we’re happy to say we delivered.

Keep your data associative, no matter where it comes from

Just got a file from another CAD system? Not a problem. Simply reference the file in your Inventor assembly and start designing. No translation, no geometry repair, no relinking files. Everything stays associative, so if there’s an update to the non-native file, Inventor will seamlessly update what you’re working on to accommodate the changes. Really: no rearranging your design—or your plans for the weekend—due to changing models.


Model the most complex parts, your way

Of course, you still get parametric and direct edit. But we’ve also improved T-Splines™ technology to make it even more intuitive and easy to use. Create free-form surfaces that are smooth (G2 continuity), watertight, and geometrically accurate—and combine them with powerful Inventor hybrid modeling workflows.


Get increased robustness in sheet metal workflows

Inventor now supports zero-radius bends and multibody solids. This means more flexibility and more usability, for increased productivity when modelling.


Dramatically improve electro-mechanical workflows

It’s so easy. Take any AutoCAD® Electrical drawing, import it into Inventor in 3D, and connect the electrical and mechanical together. You’ll have full associativity—when you change it in AutoCAD Electrical, it changes in Inventor. (Perfect for wire harnesses and routing.)


Take design documentation to a whole new level

We’ve streamlined the workflow for creating drawing views and made it quicker and easier than ever. But we didn’t stop there. We also improved balloons for assembly drawings, added more robust annotation features, and made exploded views even better.


Get things done faster, with 32 usability improvements

This year we implemented 32 of the Top Ideas from the Inventor IdeaStation—submitted by users just like you. From new workflows to help make you more productive with creating parts, to easier ways to work with assembly models. And it all starts with the new MyHome page for a streamlined and quicker way to tackle your work


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