AutoCAD 2018.1 – Product Shuts down When using DXL File With XREF

AutoCAD 2018.1 – Product Shuts down When using DXL File With XREF
Your AutoCAD 2018.1 based product shuts down unexpectedly when you work with DXF files containing xrefs that have certain attributes.


This issue occurs only if you have installed the AutoCAD 2018.1 Update.
Later versions should not be affected.


  1. Verify that the 2018.1 Update is installed. The About dialog box will display this version as 2018.1 – O.107.0.0.

    If you do not have Update 2018.1, do not install this hotfix.

  2. Close your AutoCAD-based product.
  3. Navigate to the product folder. For example: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2018

    (Substitute the applicable product name.)

  4. In this folder, rename the acdb22.dll file to acdb_old.dll.
  5. Unzip the attachment in this article and copy the correct file to the location where you just renamed the acdb22.dll file:
    Copy file in this folder For this product on this OS
    ACAD X64 AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based product* 64-bit
    ACAD X32 AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based product* 32-bit
    ACADLT X64 AutoCAD LT 64-bit
    ACADLT X32 AutoCAD LT 32-bit

    *Does not include AutoCAD LT

  6. When you restart your product, you should be able to open DXF files with xrefs.

To remove this hotfix:

  1. Delete the copied file.
  2. Rename acdb22_old.dll file to remove the “_old.”


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