Simulation & Generative Design

Empower Innovation: Generative Design and User-Friendly Simulations

Navigating the challenges of the modern marketplace, engineers and designers contend with evolving obstacles such as cost reduction, weight optimisation, and the rapid pursuit of product innovation. To meet these demands head-on, businesses are turning to digital prototyping aiming to seamlessly navigate the journey from the initial stages of design conception to the final delivery of products to the market.

Remaining competitive hinges on empowering designers and engineers with advanced tools. Enter generative design, a catalyst for innovation that reshapes conventional design methods. This approach serves as a dynamic force that empowers design teams to explore an extensive array of design iterations, pushing the boundaries of what was once deemed achievable. Generative design not only acts as a powerful tool for exploration, but also as a fundamental shift in the design paradigm. Businesses embracing generative design find themselves at the forefront of not just keeping up with industry standards but actively setting new benchmarks for what can be achieved in product development and design innovation.


Generative design can drastically reduce design and development times by allowing the designer and engineers to explore a multitude of design scenarios in a short space of time that would otherwise be impossible mainly due to cost and time.

Benefits of generative design include:

  • Light weighting – Minimise mass and material use while maintaining high-performance standards and engineering constraints.
  • Performance improvements – Use generative design to help improve and optimise product durability and eliminate areas of weakness.
  • Part consolidation – Consolidate multiple components into solid parts to maximise the potential of additive manufacturing.

Accelerate innovation with generative design

Our dedicated team of highly skilled engineers excels in problem-solving across various mechanical challenges. From aeronautical equipment to heavy mining machinery, we offer comprehensive services that include design and analysis using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Additionally, we specialise in optimising cleanrooms for the pharmaceutical industry and delivering cooling solutions for defence-critical equipment, large transformers, and various applications through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). 

You can rely on Symetri with Simulation, FEA and CFD of:

Pump performance

Predict fan curves with simulation and save time and prototype costs

Pressure drop in valves

Optimise design, predict pressure drop and avoid cavitation and erosion

Fatigue of welds

Predict the fatigue life of your product

Stress analysis

Easy-to-use tools

Buckling analysis

Check the structural integrity with respect to buckling

Drop test

Perform a virtual drop test for any structure

Electronics cooling

See the invisible and maximise product performance


Design without recirculating air

Vibration & Modal dynamics

Perform virtual vibrational tests within the CAD environment.

Indoor air comfort

Simulate air quality very early on in the design stage

Flow of moving liquid

Simulate liquid and solid interaction

Simulation for marketing

Visualise and market your products earlier

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