Inventor Nastran

Use a wider variety of study types and materials in your analysis

The ease of doing business becomes a valuable factor in empowering engineers and analysts to make great products. Inventor Nastran® delivers finite element analysis (FEA) tools for engineers and analysts. Simulation covers multiple analysis types, such as linear and non-linear stress, dynamics and heat transfer.


Advanced and accurate simulation with Inventor Nastran

  • Provides precise and dependable FEA solver solutions that are widely accepted in the industry inside your CAD environment

  • Advanced analysis capabilities – Known for powerful simulation in composite, non-linear, dynamic analysis, and more

  • Wide range of analyses – Analyse linear and non-linear stress, dynamics, and heat transfer characteristics of structures and mechanical components

  • Accurate results – Helps ensure accuracy and consistency through a comprehensive verification program, and documentation set using International Association for the Engineering Modelling Analysis and Simulation Community (NAFEMS)


Inventor Nastran is available as part of the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.

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