Mastering Change Management with Autodesk PLM

From design reviews to field quality issues, any number of reasons can start a change request or change order process. Depending on your industry, you may also need to track historical data for auditing purposes. One thing’s for sure, change happens, and it can eat into your schedule, your budget - and your sanity.

Mastering Change Management with  Autodesk PLM

In Autodesk's upcoming webinar learn how product lifecycle management (PLM) can help you take control of change by: 

  • Implementing closed-loop, linked quality processes to reduce product non-conformities. 
  • Using configurable workflows to enable better cross-team collaboration and visibility. 
  • Leveraging built-in reporting to analyse trends in quality metrics to prevent failures before they occur, saving you time and money 

By attending live you'll also qualify for a complimentary copy of Autodesk's new eBook in association with Lifecycle Insights: Managing Product Development Data and Processes  

Register for the webinar to learn more, and be sure to stay until the end to get your questions answered by their technical experts.

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Event Details

Date: Tuesday, February 28th
Time: 10:00 AM 
Speakers: Lee Dodds | Giancarlo Caldarella