Automate Workflows in Autodesk Vault with Sovelia Vault

Symerti Ireland's Vault Specialist Adam Murphy delivers a demonstration on how to utilise Autodesk's Vault Professional for PDM & File Management. Along with a short overview on Symetri’s own product, Sovelia Vault, which can automate routines and extend Autodesk Vault’s functionalities.


  • Streamline your Autodesk Vault use
  • Learn how you can to automate routines and provide a complete overview of processes
  • How you can achieve a higher level of standardisation within and between projects
  • Engineers can register design data, convert the data into general file formats (like .PDF) and share and release these files
  • Overview of Sovelia Vault that provides high level property management and process automation tools that eliminate manual and labour-intensive work.
  • See how Autodesk Vault can also be integrated with other systems like ERP and PLM through ready-made Sovelia Vault integration functionality

On-Demand Webinar: