The Future of Fusion 360

Explore the rebranded platform's seamless user experience and enhanced value. Uncover details about the new Autodesk Fusion Industry Cloud for Manufacturing, pricing adjustments, and more. 

The Future of Fusion 360

Autodesk has announced some changes in relation to Autodesk Fusion 360, aimed at enhancing user experience and providing more value to customers.

  1. Fusion 360 will undergo a rebranding and will now be known as Autodesk Fusion™, with the '360' being dropped from the name.
  2. Autodesk will introduce the Autodesk Fusion Industry Cloud for Manufacturing, catering to the specific needs of manufacturing businesses.
  3. The overall offering package of Autodesk Fusion is being simplified and enriched to provide users with more value.
  4. Autodesk is adjusting the pricing of Autodesk Fusion and its extensions to better reflect the value they offer to customers.


What is Autodesk Fusion Industry cloud for Manufacturing?

The Autodesk Fusion Industry Cloud for Manufacturing is a comprehensive platform that facilitates seamless collaboration between data, individuals, and processes throughout the entire product development lifecycle.

Built on the Design and Make Platform, this industry cloud offers an integrated product development solution, bringing together design, engineering, data management, and manufacturing processes.


Key features of the Fusion Industry Cloud include:

  • A responsive user experience that connects various tools and workflows across product design, engineering, and manufacturing.
  • Automation tools to streamline processes and enhance productivity.
  • An open and flexible product development ecosystem, leveraging Autodesk Platform Services and the Autodesk data model.
  • A trusted platform ensuring security and providing a single source of project data across organisations and supply chains.


What’s changing?

Updates to Fusion Pricing and Offerings:

As Autodesk continues to innovate and add value to its products, there will be adjustments to the pricing of Autodesk Fusion and its extensions. These changes aim to better align pricing with the value delivered to customers. While the price of Fusion is set to increase, some Fusion extensions may see a decrease in price.

New Subscription Pricing and Packaging:

Autodesk remains committed to its current subscribers. Starting January 30, 2024, all active annual subscribers will benefit from a locked-in price until their renewal in 2027.

Fusion 360 – Bundle Offer:

From February 7th, 2024, until January 31st, 2025, customers have the opportunity to purchase a bundle of three (3) new 1-year Fusion subscriptions and receive a 33% discount off SRP.


These changes represent Autodesk's dedication to providing high-quality solutions to its users and ensuring they receive maximum value from their investment in Autodesk Fusion. With these adjustments, Autodesk Fusion aims to continue empowering businesses in Ireland with cutting-edge tools for product design and manufacturing.

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Brian Fagan

MFG Projects and Support Manager, Symetri