Revit Live: What is it?

Revit Live: What is it?

Revit Live cloud service turns Revit and Revit LT models into an immersive experience in one click, helping architects understand, explore, and share their designs. Revit Live connects Autodesk Revit software to the Live Service. The service prepares your Revit project for use in Live Editor by creating a .lvmd file.

The Autodesk Live software family includes:

  • Revit Live
  • Live Editor
  • Live Viewer for Windows and iPad.

Live Editor
Live Editor uses .lvmd files, created using Revit Live. Live Editor is a subscription software, only available on Windows platforms.

Use Live Editor to:

  • Explore your model’s interior and exterior
  • Experience the design in virtual reality
  • Change the sun’s position
  • Query objects to see their BIM information
  • Add, delete, rename and reorder the Points-of-View
  • Set the Home view
  • Select the rendering style
  • Publish a presentation as a .live file so others can view it using Live Viewer on Windows or iPad.

Live Viewer

Live Viewer uses .live files, published by Live Editor. Live Viewer is free software, available on both Windows and iPad platforms.

Use Live Viewer to:

  • Walk through a presentation
  • Experience the design in virtual reality.
  • Explore your model’s interior and exterior.
  • Change the sun’s position.
  • Query objects to see their BIM information.
  • Easily move between Points-of-View.

Revit Live now offers more control over the Virtual Reality experience, by allowing users to choose between optimizing their scene for appearance or performance, and suggests recommended optimization setting based on their hardware. Revit Live 1.8 also brings support for Revit 2018 and Revit LT 2018.

The latest 1.8 version of Revit Live takes another incremental step towards reaching the goal of making VR easy and seamless. While, the first version of Revit Live optimized the models themselves to offer a smooth experience in real-time, the last few releases saw improvements in the service, like levels-of-detail and instancing.

Accessibility and ease-of-use are important features for Revit Live, and Autodesk’s future work is geared towards exactly that. Upcoming versions of Revit Live will focus on improving performance and accessibility throughout the entire experience. This includes reducing the time to pixel, or the time it takes between clicking the “Go Live” button in Revit and seeing the first image of your model in Revit Live.

A Revit Live scene enhanced in Stingray, 3D game engine and real-time rendering software.

Virtual Reality is taking an interesting path for the future. More mobile virtual reality devices are surfacing, which exponentially increases the complexity of getting large models into VR on smart phones. These devices need to be connected to your data at all times, and the data itself needs to be further optimized by an entire order of magnitude for it to run on these new devices.


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