When opening your Revit 2018 product, an error message populates: “FormIT Conversion Add-in Failed to initialize”.


The cause is most often an incomplete installation of the tool due to an interruption during the install process. This then breaks the overall ability of the tool to connect and coordinate within the Revit interface.


To resolve this issue, you will need to uninstall the tool listed in your programs in Windows, and then reinstall using the method outlined below.

1. Uninstall FormIt Conversion tool from the programs folder in Windows

  • Add/Remove Programs>Programs>FormIt Conversion tool>Uninstall option

2. Repair Revit 2018 from this same location

  •         Add/Remove Programs>Programs>Revit 2018>Repair option

3. Install FormIt Conversion plugin from this link
4. Repair Revit

  •         Add/Remove Programs>Programs>Revit 2018>Repair option

Open the Revit 2018 program to then confirm the error does not populate and the tool can be selected and used from the Add-ins panel from the ribbon.


If you need further assistance with your Revit Product, Don’t hesitate to Contact us!