Need a solution to your Autodesk Vault issues?

Need a solution to your Autodesk Vault issues?

Having issues with Vault? Let us help!

You may have encountered a few issues when working with Vault 2017 and been frustrated thinking that you are doing something wrong! A few of these issues are listed below and Autodesk have now released a hotfix (Vault 2017.0.1) to fix these.

The hotfix has 2 parts, Server hot fix and Client Hot fix.

The hotfix addresses the following issues:

vault 1.png


  • Cannot edit or update Inventor file property which has a name that matches an internal Inventor property ID.
  • “Next revision is unavailable” error message when performing an Item update.
  • When using Copy Design on link (file), the file structure missing.
  • Client grid performance improvement when using the expand all command.
  • Configure button cropped in the Change Orders tab in the Vault Settings dialog.
  • Vault client closes when opening or renaming a DWG file.
  • “There are no mappable properties” error when mapping properties from a DWG file with 3D objects.
  • Vault client does not display the correct property mappings.
  • Vault client closes after license screen due to unrecognized system language.
  • “External component has thrown an exception” error when performing a Copy Design on AutoCAD DWG files.
  • Unable to map Block Attributes in AutoCAD DWG files.


Performance improvement with long running SQL queries.

  • Autoloader: Autoloader 2017 for Vault Professional closes while clicking the right mouse button in the blank space during the Map Vault Folders step.
  • AutoCAD Add-In: AutoCAD closes during check-in process when creating visualization file.
  • “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host” error when checking in AutoCAD DWG files.


Inventor Add-In:

  • Only DWFx visualization file created during check-in of Inventor drawings.
  • Inventor iProperty expressions lost after performing a Copy Design.

Microsoft Excel:

  • Unable to close Microsoft Excel files when Vault add-in for Excel is installed.

Thin Client:

  • Unable to download a 4gb or high file from the Thin Client.
  • Unable to create an Update Visualization job in Thin Client when logged in with Read Only Access.

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