Managing your CAD data

Managing your CAD data

There are many options out there depending on your requirements. Do you want your files Locked down in a secure, or even validated, environment on your company network? Or do you want your data to be available in the cloud, accessible from any device, shareable with customers, clients and collaborators in different offices or even on-site personnel?

In general, if you are using a CAD platform, you need a CAD data management system.

Luckily Autodesk have a variety of options for various industries. Below are some of the main options when it comes to managing your CAD data.

Vault Basic / Vault Professional

A Local, server-based CAD data storage solution. Centralise the storage of CAD data and documentation, improve collaboration within your design office, and control development processes with Autodesk Vault. Highly customisable data management software, features include:

Direct CAD integration

Revision Control & Version Control,

Lifecycle management, Change Control management, Change order workflows.

Secure CAD data storage. Can be validated for regulated sectors such as Pharmaceutical or Oil and Gas industries

Supports large variety of CAD software as well as Microsoft Office

Streamlines data searching, data reuse and concurrent design

Property and meta-data management

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software integration

Multisite scalability

Fusion Lifecycle / Fusion Team

A cloud-based CAD data storage and product lifecycle management platform designed for the Manufacturing, Industrial Machinery, Consumer Electronics, and Automotive industries. Features include:

Collaboration for product design and manufacturing

3D modelling directly in the cloud with Fusion 360

Supports a variety of 3D modelling drawings, including Inventor Professional, Fusion 360, Solidworks, and Catia files.

Property and meta-data management

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Change Management

Now includes access to Autodesk Eagle, an Electronic Design Automation software for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design

BIM 360

A modular, Cloud based, Construction Management software. Increasingly used in the Engineering, Construction and Architecture sectors. Ideal for managing large construction projects with multiple Engineering companies. Allowing Collaboration and Coordination with complex 3D models from design to construction phases. Supports features like Clash detection, Work Orders, Snag Lists, and schedules.

Main modules include:

Docs Construction & Design Document Management Software

Build Quality Control, Safety, and Project Management

Coordinate Coordination and Constructability

Design Work-sharing and Design Collaboration

Plan Lean Construction and Production Planning

Layout Field Layout and Verification

Ops Mobile-first Maintenance Management


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