Managing your Autodesk Account

Managing your Autodesk Account

users? Well we taught we’d highlight some of the main functions you use your Autodesk Account for and show how easy it is to create an account, add new users, assign new products and much more!


Creating an Autodesk Account:
Creating an Autodesk Account is your key to accessing several Autodesk websites with a single sign-in and gives you access to download software and manage your products and services.
1. Visit and fill in your name, email address, User ID, and password. You can use either your User ID or email address to sign in to your Autodesk Account.

Note: Once you’ve created your account you will recieve an email Autodesk confirming you you have created account.

After I register and create an account, do I need to re-register for each website?

No. Your single sign-in account gives you access to the applicable websites using the same Autodesk ID and password. Your signed-in state is maintained as you navigate among these websites, although the session might time out after periods of inactivity.


Autodesk Account Features:

Upon logging-in to your Autodesk Account you will firstly be brought to you “Profile” view:

If you are a Contract Manager you can add or remove users for software and services on a subscription in the "Management" Tab. If you are just a User you will be able to access, download and view your own product information.

What is a Contract Manager? Contract Managers and Software Coordinators have special, administrative roles that allow them to manage subscriptions or maintenance plans purchased

Along the left-hand navigation menu you will see many different Tabs (Products & Services, Reporting, Devices, Users, Billings & Orders). The tabs you will mainly be using will be, Products & Services and Users.

  • Products & Services: This tab allows you to navigate through the products you currently have. You can view when they are due to expire, their license number, contract number and get your products up & running.
  • Users: Here you can navigate through all the users you have and manage the products they are assigned/ un-assigned to. You can also add new users or remove users and edit there product access.


Adding New Users:

Autodesk Account allows you to add single users and assign benefits or enter a list of multiple users and assign the same benefits to all users at one time. When you add a user, they will receive a confirmation email that tells them how to create an Autodesk account and create their own password. Users can then use the account portal to access support and product downloads, and track their cloud service usage and cloud credit consumption.

To add a single user:

  1. Click the + Add button to activate the Add Users window.
  2. Enter the email address, first name and last name (all are required). The email address is the user’s Autodesk ID used to access his/her Autodesk Account.
  3. Check “I’d like to add access to the user(s) now” if you wish to manage access to products and benefits.
    Note: Added users will have access to an Autodesk Account, but will not have access to products and benefits until they are assigned.
  4. Click the Save & Continue button or Add Another User if adding more than one user individually.

    Autodesk Account user managment - Add a single user



Managing User Access:

  1. Click on the Users icon in the left-hand navigation menu.
    Note: The User Management icon is only visible to account administrators such as a Contract Managers and Software Coordinators.


    Image of Autodesk Account showing User Management access optionsThe User List is the primary interface for managing users in your Autodesk Account. Click the arrow next to a user name to display the following information:

    • Name & Email Address: Used to sort users and grant access to Account benefits.
    • Product & Services: Number of software assets or cloud services assigned to a user.
    • Benefits: Items such as access to software downloads and customer support.
    • Status: A check indicates the user has accessed assigned benefits.

    Image of User Management in Autodesk Account showing Add User button

  2. Click the Edit Access link to the right of the user’s name or select multiple users and select Edit Access from the Actions pull-down menu.

    Autodesk Account user management - editing user access

  3. Select Benefits from the Edit Access screen to display the available contracts and options. Click the arrow next to the contract number to expand the contract information display. Change the options in the Show menu at the top to limit the number of contracts shown.
  4. Click to the check the box next to each of the Benefits listed that you wish to assign to the user(s). Click the Save button when finished.
    • Product Downloads: Allows the download of full installer files for Autodesk Software from Autodesk Account. If you do not want to allow users to download and install their own software, do not assign this benefit. Note: This assignment applies to all contracts.
    • Web Support: Allows the user to see the “View my support cases” option in the support menu and submit support requests as a benefit of a paid subscription contract. 
    • Product Extensions: Allows the download and installation of software through Autodesk Account that adds functionality to or enhances features of software products on the contract. If you wish to control access to additional software downloads, do not assign this benefit.

    Image of assigning user benefits in Autodesk Account

    Note: In this example, all benefits (2/2) have been assigned for a single contract, but the same benefits have not been granted (0/2) for the second contract on the account.

  5. Select Products & Services to display the available contracts and options. Click the arrow next to the contract number to expand the information display. Change the options in the Show menu at the top to limit the number of contracts shown.
  6. Click to check the box next to each of the products and services that you wish to assign to the user(s). Click the Save button when finished.
    • Products: Listed by software title. Assigning an available seat allows that user to activate and use the software listed.
    • Services: Controls access to online storage and other cloud services associated with a software title. Options vary depending on the software. Please refer to your software documentation for descriptions of available services.

    Image of the options for assigning software access to a user in Autodesk Account.

    Note: In this example, a single available seat for AutoCAD LT has been assigned to the user along with 4/4 available cloud services. No access to Maya LT on a different contract was granted.


Accessing the Product Information:

  • Click on the Product & Serivecs icon in the left-hand navigation menu.

  • A list of products will appear (depeding on how many you have purchased, you are the contract manager of or you have assigned to you). Click the arrow next to the product you wish to see more information.


We hope this blog helps you navigate a little easier through your Autodesk Account, we will be uploading a Youtube Video to our YouTube Channel soon with a tutorial on Autodesk Accounts, tips & tricks – be sure to subscribe to our channel for the most up-to-date videos on all the latest news and events.

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