Inventor – Solid Sweep

Inventor – Solid Sweep

Welcome back to another quick step by step guide created by our Technical Specialist Sid that showcases another new function in Inventor 2020 that gives the user the ability to sweep a solid along a path and gives the user the functionality to create threads or sweeps to the users liking. This function allows the user to create complex geometry quicker and in a much more simplified way.

  • The first step is to make sure your solid sweep command is turned on which is a little green box next to the tool body option.
  • Making sure our solid sweep command is on that is a little green box next to the tool body option.
  • Then we will select the solid and the curve along where it needs to be swept and you can see we have a little preview and then to select the solid that you need to make to make the cut out.
  • The final step is to define the solid bodies and there you go, you have a solid swept body just like that!

So, to summarise that’s what the solid sweep feature is all about – hope you found this quick tutorial beneficial! Procad is an Autodesk authorised training, check out our website to book training in Inventor Essentials and Inventor Advanced.


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