Interpreting what is on your Autodesk license file

Interpreting what is on your Autodesk license file

When you create or Receive a Network License File from Autodesk it contains Licensing information which allows you to use one or more Autodesk products in a network installation.

License File Information

The license file contains information about network server nodes, vendor daemons, and very specific information about what products are licensed. The License file also contains information of the Server it is to be placed on along with the Vender, Package & Increment

License File Parser

To find out what Autodesk products are on the License File search “License Parser” and upload the License file. The License parser will give you a full list of what is on the License File and how many seats are with each product.

Feature Codes

Feature Codes are generated by the Network License Manager (NLM) and are specific to the Autodesk products. This means that any Network version of an Autodesk product will have a specific Feature code.

There are three types of feature codes: product-specific on a maintenance plan, product-specific subscription with multi-user access, and product version-specific. For example:

  • 64300ACD_F indicates a perpetual license of AutoCAD on a maintenance plan
  • 64300ACD_T_F indicates a subscription of AutoCAD with multi-user access
  • 87084ACD_2019_0F indicates a specific product and version: AutoCAD 2019

The first two won’t change from one release to the next—64300ACD will always indicate AutoCAD—however the last one will be a unique feature code for every new product release.

The reason why Feature Codes are used is because NLM is designed to assign Hundreds of different Autodesk products and different versions which means each product will need a Feature code to identify it.


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