Importing PDF’s as Geometry in AutoCAD

Importing PDF’s as Geometry in AutoCAD

In AutoCAD 2017 it is now possible to import PDF’s to be used as geometry. This geometry can be brought in as a block or as individual geometry that can be edited.

For example, you can specify:

  • The type of data imported from the PDF (geometry, solid fills, text, and raster objects)
  • How layers are assigned to imported objects
  • Different post-processing options for imported geometry


If the PDF file includes raster images, you can extract them as .png files and automatically attach them to your drawing. Since those images are referenced from the AutoCAD drawing, choose the Options button to ensure the new PDF Import Image Location is appropriately set for your workflow.

If the PDF file has multiple pages, you can visually select the one you want to import or you can enter the page number. All the objects on that page will be imported based on the settings you specify: Insertion point, scale, and rotation in addition to the settings that control how the geometry is imported.


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