Important Update About Your Autodesk Subscription Account

Important Update About Your Autodesk Subscription Account

Procad is delighted to share some important information regarding changes to your Autodesk Subscription Account.

Autodesk have just recently announced the exciting news that they are moving completely to plans that are based on people. It’s because we want to provide you, our customers with an improved experience. Autodesk is now offering new plans for businesses of all shapes and sizes. These new plans are not based on serial numbers as they are based on actual people – you!

Autodesk want to improve your user experience so are focusing on named users. The new plans will unlock new favourable benefits for your business. Instead of employees facing downtime while waiting for a license, they receive dedicated access. This means that you will have usage data to make the most of your investment. All these changes enable a more relevant user experience, more efficient collaboration, more constructive insights and more time-saving convenience.

We will guide you through the changes in detail so that you are fully informed and aware of what changes these mean for you. If you have any further questions that we haven’t answered below please do not hesitate to email (now

Retirement of ALL maintenance plans from May 7th, 2020

From 7th May 2020, plans will be launched based on people for businesses of all sizes to begin retiring plans based on serial numbers.

This means that by transitioning our maintenance and multi-user subscriptions to new named user plans, you will then be able to unlock significant benefits, and in the future, at a cost that is consistent with what you pay today!

Benefits include the following:

  • Optimise your licensing costs by having visibility into your usage data.
  • Less hassle for you as no need to manage your own licence servers or track an anonymous serial number again.
  • Dedicated access for all employees who need it. Therefore, no more downtime waiting for licences – more efficient.
  • Tailor support and learning content to employees based on insights.

Just to note that subscriptions with multi-user access and maintenance plans will retire on 7 May 2021 and cannot be further renewed.

Trade in offer on Network and Maintenance Plans

We are launching trade-in offers to help you transition at a price that is similar to your current rate.

If you have a network maintenance plan or a multi-user subscription, from May 7th 2020 at your first renewal trade in each of your seats for two subscriptions for two users on a named user plan at a similar price you are paying today.

So, for example, if you have 20 seats, you can trade them in and get 40 subscriptions for 40 users, at a similar price you are paying today, then renew at your ongoing discount until 2028.

If you have a standalone maintenance plan you can trade in one maintenance seat and get one standard subscription for one user of a similar price to what you were paying in 2019 for maintenance.

If you need more administration reporting, and support features to manage your larger team of users, you can choose to upgrade to the premium plan, or upgrade to an industry collection for a comprehensive selection of tools to help you meet any project challenge – the choice is yours!

How do I transition to named user plans?

We will provide you with the best trade-in path to a named user subscription experience at your first renewal date.

If you have a network maintenance plan or multi-user subscription, at your first renewal only, after 7 May 2020, trade in one seat or subscription for two subscriptions for one named user each at a cost consistent with what you pay today.

For standalone maintenance, at your first renewal before 7 May 2021, you can trade in one seat for one subscription at a cost consistent with what you pay today.

Procad is here to help you….

  • We will provide expert advice on trading in multi-user licenses to standalones.
  • Awareness of licensing roll out and management.
  • In-depth Contract Account Management.
  • If you require any further information, you can email (now




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