How to Manage your New and Improved Autodesk Account

How to Manage your New and Improved Autodesk Account

So you may have noticed as soon as you sign in to your Autodesk Account, there are a few enhanced features with the Autodesk Account homepage and improved navigation making it easier to manage your Account.

  • Autodesk Account homepage – When you sign in you are recognized as either an admin or a user so you can get personalized information such as recently purchased products and product updates.
  • Improved navigation – The new navigation allows you to quickly scan and access different tasks. Also, admins that manage users in both the new view and the classic view, can easily switch between the two under User Management.
  • Easier access to help and support – Access online help for Autodesk Account and individual products. In addition, Ava and customer support are just a click away and are personalized based on your support benefits.

Change the Primary Admin

Primary and secondary admins can assign users to software and services in The Autodesk Account where users are managed in the new view. If your users are managed in the classic view, your administrators are Contract Managers & Software Coordinators.

Contract Manager
The Contract Manager is the main administrator or contact on an Autodesk contract and there can only be one per contract.

If you are a Contract Manager your Management Tab will appear when you click on it.

Along the left-hand navigation menu you will see many different Tabs (Products & Services, Reporting, Devices, Users, Billings & Orders). The tabs you will mainly be using will be, Products & Services and Users.

  • Products & Services: This tab allows you to navigate through the products you currently have. You can view when they are due to expire, their license number, contract number, and get your products up & running.
  • Users: Here you can navigate through all the users you have and manage the products they are assigned/ unassigned to. You can also add new users or remove users and edit their product access.

Software Coordinator

The Software Coordinator is a secondary administrative level on an Autodesk contract. They are assigned by the Contract Manager to assist in the management of licenses and their permissions include Email Communication and User Management:

You can now easily change the primary admin in the Autodesk Account. The primary admin is responsible only for user management. Changing one does not change the subscription owner.

Product Activation by Access Type
Activation is easier now when installing 2019 or later products. The “Let’s Get Started” screen allows you to activate based on the access type you purchased, single-user or multi-user. Single-user will prompt you to sign in using your Autodesk ID and password. Multi-user will prompt you to fill in your network license information.

Easily Access Recent Updates
Product Updates from the last 30 days are grouped at the top of the list for quick access.

We hope this blog helps you navigate a little easier through your Autodesk Account, we will be uploading a YouTube Video to our YouTube Channel soon with a tutorial on Autodesk Accounts, tips & tricks – be sure to subscribe to our channel for the most up-to-date videos on all the latest news and events.

For any further information on what we outlined in this blog or you need any assistance with accessing your Autodesk Account and any of the features, do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support Team here!


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