How to: Improve Vault Performance

How to: Improve Vault Performance
Do you want to improve your Vault performance? Is it too slow for backup or other vault tasks such as to get, copy design, and rename? We have outlined a solution to improve your Vault experience.


  • Check that all available Service Packs and Hotfixes for Autodesk Vault was installed
  • Launch the Microsoft Windows Cleaning up
  • Check by the stand-alone system on Microsoft® SQL Server Management Studio the database properties options, that the recovery model is simple
  • Reboot the servers.
  • Ensure that the latest Autodesk Vault supported SQL Server service pack is installed (See Autodesk Vault System Requirements)
  • Install SQL and Vault Server on separate machines (if possible).
  • Implement the recommended SQL maintenance plan. Server Maintenance Part 6: Create SQL Maintenance Plan
  • Add additional RAM to the server.  Optimally, RAM = (total size of DB mdf + ldf) + 4 GB (for the OS) + (peak memory consumption of w3wp.exe). If installing additional memory is not possible, limit the memory available to SQL. (SQL memory limit = (Total installed RAM – 4 GB (for the OS) + (peak memory consumption of w3wp.exe))
  • If using RAID, ensure you are using the optimal configuration. (What is the best RAID Configuration to use for Vault Server)
  • Check if deactivating/ uninstalling the Antivirus software on the server and/ or client improves the performance.
  • If a proxy server is used, check if the proxy configuration is correct (Configure Vault to Use a Proxy Server)
  • For Vault 2018, the compatibility level of the database in SQL Server Management studio, Properties – Options should be set to SQL Server 2012:

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