How to access your standalone licenses from home

How to access your standalone licenses from home

Due to recent circumstances employees have suddenly found themselves having to work from home. Many employees are having to do this for the first time and may find this sudden change somewhat a shock and are struggling about where to start or what to do.

Procad aims to help and advise you as much as possible, so we have created a short guide on how to access your software at home.

How to access your standalone licenses at home…

(please note this is for single-user licenses)

  1. Firstly, you need to ensure your contract manager has assigned you the correct licenses.

  2. Follow this step by step tutorial

  3. After you completed the above step you will need to check your Autodesk account to verify you have access to the software assigned to you under your own Autodesk account.
  1. Then you will need to refer to the steps in the installation guide to turn off the pop-ups, firewall, Anti-virus and User Access Control. Click on the below guideline document. Click on the following link to access our installation guide

  2. Run the download files and ensure you always run the 001_00x file first for any Autodesk software.

  3. This is where you need to activate the product.


If you have just installed the software:

  • Start the software.
  • On the Let’s Get Started screen, click Single-user(versions 2019 and later) or Sign-In (versions 2018 and earlier).
  • If prompted, sign in to authenticate access with your Autodesk credentials (that is, your Autodesk ID/email and the password associated with the account).
  • Once you have the product installed and activated, make sure you have the updates: Open the Autodesk Desktop App

7. Ensure you have the Pop-ups, Anti-virus, Firewall, UAC, turned back on – Refer to Step 4


NB – Important additional information:

For users on a Network license, you can borrow a license by following the links:

it is imperative that your PC’s at work are turned off when you’re working from home as you must comply with Autodesk’s License Compliance Regulations.


If you have any issues or concerns just remember we are here to help you so please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support team at


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