Fusion 360 V Freecad

Fusion 360 V Freecad

Fusion 360 is a cloud-based 3D modelling, CAD, CAM, and PCB software used for product design and manufacturing. It has a huge range of tools and multiple work environments that you can benefit with just one software. In today’s blog we will explore the major advantages of why you would choose Fusion 360 for your organisation over Freecad for your design package.


Everything you design and create in Fusion 360 is saved and located on the cloud, meaning you can access all your data, files, and models from anywhere in the world. You can set up projects, add users and change their entitlements from viewer or editor or to admin of the project.

Not only does the project save all your designs and assemblies, but you can upload any file into that project, from a jpeg, to a word document, to excel files, so every piece of data that is part of the overall design is in one central location, that can be accessed from anywhere, as long as you have a smart phone, tablet or PC, all you need is a web browser to access your files. From your device you can look at all your designs in detail by orbiting around them, zooming in & out or first person views.

The members of the project can add comments, look at exploded views, section views and pinpoint certain areas that need more focus, making the collaboration of designs much more fluid and timely.

Fusion teams image

User Experience

Next, we are going to look at the user experience, and adaptability from other design packages.

Fusion is a very user-friendly software and easy to learn, you are not overwhelmed by functions and buttons on screen but are nicely filed away in locations that are easy to access.

There is many helps tools and self-paced learning material that you’ll find within Fusion 360 that can be easily accessed at any time during your design, and when you hoover the mouse over any function or button, Fusion gives you a quick image and synopsis of what that function will do (No more need for googling functions).

The tools are laid out in the user interface from left to right to show the user the desired path or workflow, for example the Manufacturing environment.

  1. Setup
    • Type of machining
    • Defining stock, model, and fixtures
    • Setting your XYZ axis and directions
  2. Strategies
    • Creating toolpaths
    • Milling, turning, drilling, multi axis
  3. Actions
    • Tool Simulation and crash detection
    • Generate NC Code

Manufacture UI image

Fusion’s Talents

Lastly, we are going to show the many talents that Fusion 360 can achieve, and achieve as good as other software’s in the market if not better.

  • Designing 2D and 3D parametric models
  • Sheet metal designs
  • Mesh Designing
  • Free Form designing
  • Model Assembly
  • Create 2D dimensioned drawings
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Produce milling, turning & probing NC programs
  • Multi axis and turn-milling complex programs
  • Nesting and fabrication workspace
  • Tool and machine simulations and crash detections
  • Generative Design studies and outcomes
  • Rendering workspace to produce realistic designs and motions
  • Animation workspace
  • Motion studies
  • Electronics design workspace
  • Generate Augmented reality models and assemblies
  • Release order and revision control on designs
  • And multiple simulation options

There is a Fusion 360 App store accessible within the UI that is constantly having new apps appearing helping other workflows that may cause time and money, from gear generators, to sketch checkers, if you’re looking for a common activity, the chances are someone has created a plugin for it.

Fusion 360 out of the box is preloaded with an extensive built-in library, from 100’s of tools and holders pre created, to 100’s of post processors, it has included a McMaster, and Traceparts plugin for all your nuts, bolts, washers, profiles, to 1000’s of cad designs that come in most assemblies.

Fusion 360 App Store image

All this sits in just one package, no swapping from software to software to achieve the one goal. Tracking your design and revisions, giving complete sight to each and every design and revision within your organisation. Choosing Fusion 360 over Freecad is an easy option, knowing all the information above and Autodesk constantly adds new features, workflow, environments, and much much more, Fusion 360 is certainly on its way of becoming the most versatile software package for designing on the market.

You can contact us directly to arrange your free demo with one of our Fusion experts and see first-hand how it is the perfect solution for your organisation. Procad is an Autodesk authorised training centre, we provide a wide range of training options to give you the knowledge and skills to ensure that you achieve the best from your Autodesk solution. Check out our training options! 


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