Free AutoCAD Viewers You Should Know About

Free AutoCAD Viewers You Should Know About

So you want to view an AutoCAD file but you don’t have the software? Read our blog to learn all about the free AutoCAD viewers also, learn about AutoCAD file formats!

You can find CAD files everywhere and anywhere – from engineering to construction there are many platforms for electronic technical drawings and they usually cost money! However, in case you simply just need to view an AutoCAD file there is a number of free Autodesk programs for you to choose from!

Before delving into our list of free AutoCAD viewers, let’s check out the file formats.


DWG stands for “DraWinG” and it is the native file format of AutoCAD. Autodesk created .dwg in the early 1980’s with the initial launch of AutoCAD software. DWG files contain all the data that a user creates/enters int a CAD drawing. This data can include:

  • Designs
  • Geometric data
  • Maps and photos


DWF stands for Design Web Format and is Design Review CAD viewer software that allows you view, mark up, print, and follow changes to both 2D and 3D files for free—without having the original design software. Work with a number of file formats, including: DWF, DWFx, DWG, and DXF


DXF file is a type of drawing interchange file used to transfer data between various applications.

So lets delve into these AutoCAD viewers…

DWG TrueView

DWG TrueView is the official free AutoCAD viewer created by Autodesk.
It is also a file converter that is designed to ensure the exchange of information between different DWG versions and different updates of AutoCAD. Just like the software, so did the file format develop over the years since its release.

Design Review

Design Review is basically an add-on to DWG TrueView that expands its set of features: Other from viewing the files, you can also evaluate lengths, angles and areas. This free AutoCAD viewer allows users to add comments, details, and design ideas for design changes to AutoCAD files. This makes Design Review an essential aid whenever it is required to exchange DWG files with your team and others.

Autodesk A360

Autodesk A360 is an integrated, cloud-based destination transforming the way companies by connecting people, data and their projects with a powerful and secure set of tools and capabilities that help streamline workflows and unlock new ways to innovate. A360 provides an entire set of features keeping your project at the core and connecting everyone in one workspace.

Autodesk Viewer

Autodesk Viewer is a free online viewer for 2D and 3D designs and supports most formats including DWG, STEP, RVT, and Solidworks. Autodesk Viewer makes it easy for you to share and view of your design with others.

AutoCAD Mobile App

The AutoCAD mobile app is a drafting tool that allows you to view, create, edit, and share 2D drawings anytime, anywhere – letting you take the power of AutoCAD with you wherever you go!


We hope this blog gave you more insight into Autodesk viewers available to you but if you need or want more information, visit our website or contact us here!


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