Connected Construction

Connected Construction

Visit any construction site and it’s clear that people are at the center of the project.  Innovative people are working together, in complex environments to get the job done, to do it well, and to do it safely.

It doesn’t matter if you work in the office or in the field, you feel the pressure to deliver more elaborate designs, faster, and at a lower cost.

The challenge to balance that complexity with more predictable profit margins on every project is not an easy one. Particularly when your teams often find themselves disconnected from the information they need, when they need it, to make the right decisions.

You and your teams literally build the world around us. And, like most capable builders, you just want the best tools to get your jobs done safely, complete your tasks on time, and deliver high-quality outcomes.

Technology is already changing how you work. Mobile and cloud-based computing, virtual reality, sensors, and even robotics are making their way onto construction sites today. The potential for improvement is exciting!

Connecting people to relevant and actionable information is critical to project success.

While there are many construction software vendors that can help automate your existing tasks, that’s not enough to help you drive real improvement in profitability or help you to minimize risk.

Autodesk software provides a connected solution for construction management that puts relevant and actionable project data at the center of your process, helping you to control and manage data earlier and more consistently — throughout the project lifecycle.

Because the construction project is connected, design data can move more seamlessly through pre-construction and on to site execution helping to deliver even the most complex projects with more predictable outcomes.

Autodesk’s proven tools for design and constructability help you to plan and execute more efficiently.

Help improve project outcomes and reduce the likelihood of RFIs and change orders with early communication and project feedback, upstream and downstream.

Take some of the guesswork out of scheduling and estimation utilizing data and insights. Better detect and avoid issues to save money, stay on schedule, and reduce material waste from rework

Autodesk’s unified platform connects people with the information and insight they need to help improve project outcomes such as safety, schedule, quality, and cost.

Break down information siloes and streamline your processes. Reduce the amount of information loss that can happen during handovers when using multiple applications.
Greater visibility of project data and analytics help to accelerate decision-making.

A real-time view of the project helps project managers mitigate risk instead of managing issues. Help safety managers understand leading indicators to potential hazards and mitigate them before incidents happen. Prioritize daily work tasks and make proactive adjustments to better manage project cost, schedule, and quality. Then, build on this rich foundation of project data with machine learning and analytics to help you improve predictability and reduce risk across your portfolio of projects.

On the job site or in the office, Autodesk is your technology partner for today and for the future.

Autodesk construction solutions help you do your jobs smarter and more safely today, and provides a foundation for a digital strategy to shape the way you deliver business in the future.

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