Congratulations to award winner – John Lee

Congratulations to award winner – John Lee

Everyone in Procad (now Symetri) would like to extend our congratulations to John Lee following the receipt of the Bursary award from the crafts council of Ireland. We are delighted to be working with John and look forward to showcasing his work in the near future. John will be using Autodesk Inventor, Autocad and Autodesk Showcase to create and render 3D models of his work. John will be creating digital prototypes of his pieces and once he is happy with their form and function, he will be able to make the physical end product.

On Friday March 18, it was announced that the Crafts Council of Ireland’s Irish Craft Bursary prize fund of E10,000 has been won by furniture maker John Lee. His wife and 2 young children accompanied him as he accepted the award from CCOI Acting Chief Executive Karen Hennessy in the National Craft Gallery in Kilkenny.

The Bursary is awarded to professional craftspeople to enable new opportunities in their practice. It is awarded to a maker who demonstrates a commitment to producing craftwork at the highest level of technical and design skill. The objective is to give one or more makers the opportunity to develop a body of work that they would otherwise not have the time or resources to develop.

John will undertake an AutoCAD / 3-D Modelling computer aided design course in Limerick, which will be specifically tailored to suit his requirements and work practice. He has always used technical drawing to develop his work, but being able to create 3-D presentations will make an enormous difference to the visualisation of his concepts to prospective clients, galleries and curators.

He is currently working on commissions which directly resulted from his highly successful exhibition with the National Craft Gallery at last year’s COLLECT at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

John Lee’s furniture flows between the boundaries of fine furniture and fine art, combining two key elements: innovative design and exceptional craftsmanship. He works from Pagestown, Maynooth in Co. Kildare, and has been included as one of the makers in the Irish Craft Portfolio for 2011. /


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