BIM 360 Docs: Construction Document Management

BIM 360 Docs: Construction Document Management

When it comes to construction projects, inefficient communication can result in project delays and costly re-work on commercial and residential construction projects. BIM 360 is software for construction industry professionals, designed to reduce project risks and allow project teams to collaborate more effectively.

Autodesk BIM 360 Docs delivers a complete, connected solution to manage all 2D plans, 3D models and other project documents. BIM 360 Docs web service ensures the entire project team is building from the correct version of documents, plans, and models.

Save time, reduce risk, and mitigate errors in construction projects.

What are the benefits of using BIM 360 Docs?

  • Always on time : Get information published faster and organized logically with bulk upload, set creation, and automatic separation of sheets from design files.
  • Always accurate : Organize documents into sets and quickly review which documents have changed from one revision to the next.
  • Always in control : Access control with five permission levels keeps the right information in the right hands throughout the project.

What are the Key Business Benefits of BIM 360 Docs?

  • Lower costs and increase margin by reducing rework: Ensure that the entire team is building from the correct versions of documents, plans and models. No more mistakes because your construction team weren’t aware of the latest changes.
  • Win more work by reducing risk: Increase predictability on site with access to plans and models at all times. Access it all from any browser, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Deliver projects faster with improved workflows: Use a document management system built specifically for construction with native viewing of 2D & 3D files, automated and standardised curation of content and logical workflows.
  • Increase win rate and improve repeat business through better communication and delivery of design intent: Store documents on your network or in the cloud, and access them from the office, trailer or Client site.

Managing Collaboration, too? 

You might think that allowing all members to access documents would get messy, but Autodesk thought of that, too!

BIM 360 Docs is built as a permissions-based collaborative system, which means that project team members are assigned abilities to perform certain actions by the project’s owner.

It uses a four-point scale to determine these abilities, which are categorized in ascending order of authority as Publish, View, Edit and Control.



One App- Get everything in one place!

Accessible on the Web, tablets and phones – to always stay current and connected.


Basically you have a Construction Document Software, On-site or in the office, 2D or 3D, always on the same page!

Ready to jump in?


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