Autodesk Software License for home use

Autodesk Software License for home use

Did you know that users of Autodesk software can also avail of a “Home use” license? As part of the Autodesk Subscription program, users can get a license of their CAD product to use at home.

Its a significant additional benefit from Autodesk and worth investigating to see if your organisation is availing of this feature of Autodesk Subscription.

There is a requirement to agree to an ancillary license agreement available through the Autodesk Subscription centre. 

Ancillary Service Description for Home Use of Autodesk Software

Autodesk® Subscription allows Home Use of software programs that you have under Subscription, subject to the terms and conditions outlined below. Home Use is not currently available for all software programs or in all locations. Please contact your Autodesk authorized reseller or Autodesk representative for details on whether Home Use is available for your software program or in your region.

Explanation of Benefit

Home Use means that you, as the licensee of the software program, may install a second copy of the software program at a second location away from your office location under the following conditions:

  • Such second location may include installation on a computer located at the home of your employees or on your employees’ personal computers.

  • The use of the software program when installed at such second location shall be to produce work related to your internal business needs or for your employees personal education or training needs.

  • This Home Use benefit only applies for as long as your software program is under Subscription and only to the number of licenses of the software program that are under Subscription (see “Terms of Home Use Benefit” below).

  • This Home Use benefit is subject to all of the terms set forth in this document and by installing the Home Use License or otherwise partaking in the Home Use benefits you are agreeing to the terms set forth in this document.

The installation of the software program at your work location is referred to as the “Primary License”. “Home Use License” refers to the second installation of the software program that occurs as a result of this Home Use benefit.

Terms of Home Use Benefit

The Home Use benefit is subject to getting appropriate authorization codes from Autodesk (see “Obtaining a Home Use License” below). Subject to the terms set forth below, the Home Use benefit commences on the date of the issuance of the authorization code from Autodesk and continues for a period of 13 months from such date, at which time the software program will be disabled and will no longer function. Home Use Licenses may not be used concurrently with the Primary License and this Home Use benefit does not provide additional license or usage rights. For clarity, if you have one license of a software program under Subscription, you may use that license either at your work location or at a second location; you (or your employees) may not use the Primary License and the Home Use License in both places at the same time. Home Use Licenses are not upgradeable and may not be replaced. Home use may be requested only for current versions of the software programs plus the two immediately preceding versions of the software program. You must have originally and validly licensed and have legally in your possession all versions, including prior versions. Section 2.4 of the Subscription Terms and Conditions applies to the Home Use License and all rights and restrictions set forth therein (including concurrent use, provision of media and authorization codes shall apply).

Home Use by employees is only permitted as long as such employee is employed by you and any use by such employee must cease at the end of such employment. If an employee leaves your employment, you, as the licensee, shall instruct the employee to uninstall the Home Use License from any computer on which it was installed. Any continued installation or use will be considered a violation of the Subscription terms and conditions and the software license for the software program.

Home Use Licenses have the same version and language as the Primary License, and all Home Use Licenses are standalone.

Customers may continue to access web and phone support that the Primary License is eligible for under Subscription, however the Home Use Licenses are not themselves eligible for web or phone support.

Most Autodesk software programs are eligible for Home Use Licenses, however some exceptions do apply. For example server-based or hardware bundled software programs do not qualify. Please consult with your reseller or sales representative about product eligibility when you request the Home Use License Application (see “Obtaining a Home Use License”, below).

Obtaining a Home Use License

If the Primary License is a standalone license, you may use the media in your possession to install the Home Use License of the product. Once the Home Use License is installed you must obtain an authorization code from Autodesk. Standalone Home Use Licenses will have the same serial number as the Primary License on which they are based.

If the Primary License is a network license, you must complete a Home Use License Application and submit it to Autodesk. Autodesk will review the application and issue a serial number for a standalone Home Use License based on the corresponding network license. Home Use License Applications are available on the Subscription Center and from your reseller or Autodesk sales representative. Once the Home Use License is installed you must obtain an authorization code from Autodesk. Standalone Home Use Licenses will have a different serial number than the Primary License on which they are based.

Autodesk may not provide the media for installing Home Use Licenses and if media is provided, there may be charges and other requirements that apply. If no media is provided, you must use your existing media, whether standalone or network, and install the Home Use License as a standalone companion to the Primary License.

Autodesk reserves the right to deny requests for Home Use Licenses at any time and may modify, change, cancel or terminate this Home Use License benefit at any time, without prior notification. The request for the Home Use License should be made by the Contract Manager or Software Coordinator and Home Use Licenses should be used only with their knowledge and permission.



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