Autodesk Inventor – Tips on Link Sheet Metal Style Editing

Autodesk Inventor – Tips on Link Sheet Metal Style Editing

In this short tutorial our Inventor 2020 inhouse expert Sid explains how that with a sheet of metal the user can mirror using the mirror component option on the assembly tab. So without further ado lets talk Link Sheet Metal Styles when mirroring components, another great feature in inventor 2020.


  • As the user, when you are creating a mirrored version of a sheet metal part in an assembly, the mirrored part can now inherit the Sheet Metal Rule, thickness and unfold rule of the original part.
  • Simply check the new box to “Link Sheet Metal Styles” in the Mirror Components Dialog.
  • By setting up an offset plane at a distance and use the mirror command to link two sheet metal styles.
  • Then by selecting the mirror option off the assembly tab then by selecting the component while at the same time making sure the mirror plane is selected and by using a link sheet metal style option at the bottom of the window, remember to make sure the components are connected.
  • Then stepping into the environment of editing look at sheet mental default select our default mm sheet metal style and increase thickness to 5mm and change sheet metal rule to mm and just hit apply, hitting return will bring us back into an updated assembly.




So, everyone that’s what link sheet style editing is all about – hope you found this quick tutorial beneficial and be sure to follow us on social media for more information! 


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