Autodesk Cloud – the cloud changes everything

Autodesk Cloud – the cloud changes everything

Change isn’t coming – Change is here.

We’re seeing a convergence of how things are designed and made.

  • This is effecting both established and startup companies across all of Autodesk’s industries (Architecture, building, and construction, infrastructure, media and entertainment, natural resources, and manufacturing…).
  • And what’s common to all of the industries we serve is the relationship between designing, making, and using. Those three elements are converging.
  • As sensors are embedded in places, things, and media, we have the opportunity to send real-time, comprehensive, and factual feedback to be incorporated in future designs.
  • Advanced manufacturing and the development of more connected places and things are helping narrow the link between designing and making.

What is Forge?

Forge is a set of web service APIs (Application Program Interface) that power the future of making things.


Forge takes elements from Autodesk’s high-powered library of software and distributes them as cloud-based building blocks for organisations to create their own new solutions.


Use these services to extend products or to create entirely new solutions within your existing infrastructure. We provide the blocks, you build the spaceship.

Today, the process of designing and making everything generates valuable information. This information is generated by multiple sources and can be lost or needlessly recreated through siloed workflows and linear processes.

The sheer number and distribution of players and tools further complicates workflows and creates inefficiencies.

Autodesk Forge creates the connections – Connection Empowers Collaboration!

Forge web services work with many different design and engineering formats – Inventor, SolidWorks, Fusion 360, AutoCAD, SolidEdge, PTC CREO, CATIA, STEP, IGES, SketchUp, IFC, OBJ, FBX… over 60 design and engineering formats in all.  You can use Forge to securely deliver just the information you want to share in the format the user needs quickly and easily – and deliver to most any device.  Viewing, BOM, tessellated data for marketing and simulation, materials/volumes/weights/part numbers for costing and ERP, STL files for 3D Printing and more.  Using industry standard technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript, and a REST web service architecture, your software developers or consultants can quickly and easily build sharing and collaboration experiences into your intranet, extranet, or wherever – prototyping a sharing experience in a few man days and delivering in a few man weeks.


The Forge platform improves processes and breaks down silos by connecting information and streamlining workflows.

The Forge platform improves processes and breaks down silos by connecting information and streamlining workflows.

As the feedback loop gets even tighter, it becomes possible to respond even more quickly.

  • For this to happen everyone from design through manufacturing and construction need both access not only to the right data, but the tools necessary to turn that information into something truly useful.

Autodesk’s Forge platform provides both the frame work and building blocks for the applications that will power the future of making things.

Who’s using it?

Companies are already using  Forge to add visualization, scanning and 3D printing to their applications.

In the AEC space, 3DRobotics are using Forge APIs to give them competitive advantage in the growing UAV market.

  • Using Forge’s Recap API, 3DR developed a comprehensive augmented reality solution for survey engineers.
  • Their application takes complex aerial scan data from on-site drones and integrates it directly and seamlessly into Infraworks.
  • This helps a once complicated (and dangerous) process to be completed, analyzed and processed more efficiently.

Why Forge?

Competing in the future of making things requires a different approach. Spending time rebuilding technology, buying solutions that don’t easily fit existing infrastructure, and managing ops in-house drains time and resources.

Keep developers focused on delivering your value by developing on a connected platform that enables businesses to quickly adapt to change.


Keep developers focused on delivering your value by developing on a connected platform that enables businesses to quickly adapt to change, contact us to discuss this and more


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