AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcut

AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcut

AutoCAD commands can often be long winded and hard to type especially if they are being used repeatedly. No one approach to AutoCAD is better than the other, however if you are to truly increase your speed and work more efficiently you should look to introduce some AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts to your gameplay.

Access commands faster and work more efficiently by using the AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts.

There are some One Key Shortcuts included within the software by default. 

Creating your own AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts: 

While printing a list of the default AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts and referring to it on an “as you go basis” may help some users, often the best solution is to create your very own keyboard shortcuts – this can be easily done by editing the PGP File contained within your AutoCAD software.

Follow these easy steps:

1. To edit the PGP File, select the Command Aliases button contained within the Tools section of the Express Tools ribbon. 

2. This will open the AutoCAD Alias Editor window, which includes a list of all of the default shortcuts contained within the PGP File. 

3. After checking that the command you wish to create a shortcut for does not already have an alias, click the Add button contained within the AutoCAD Alias Editor.

Note: If the command you wish to shorten already has an alias you can change the shortcut to something of your liking by selecting the Edit button rather than the Add button. 

4. Once you have selected the Add button this will open the New Command Alias window.

5. Enter the shortcut you wish to use in the Alias box (1), and the command you wish to apply it to within the AutoCAD Command box (2).

6. If the alias is already in use you will get something similar to the following message (indicating that a duplicate has been found). Click the Yes button to redefine it. 

7. When you are happy with the modifications you have made within the AutoCAD Alias Editor click the Apply button, Click Yes to indicate that you want to overwrite the PGP File to reflect your newly made modifications. 

8. Exit the AutoCAD Alias Editor by clicking the OK button. Upon successfully applying the changes made within the AutoCAD Alias Editor the following message should appear, again click the OK button. 

9. Because AutoCAD does not constantly monitor changes to the PGP File the modifications you have made within the AutoCAD Alias Editor are not effective immediately. Close and reopen AutoCAD for the changes to take effect.

Customisation is king when it comes to increasing productivity in AutoCAD, if you are to truly increase your speed in AutoCAD you need to make an effort to introduce some keyboard skills. Memorable AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts are a great way to achieve this.


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